A recent study showed that one in eight American adults had participated in tailgating at least three times over the past 12 months.  We’re guessing that you are one of those fans, especially because you are currently on our website.  Hot Sports Grills was the brainchild of Bernie DiMeo, a former Chicago advertising executive who is a long time college football fan.

Tailgating at college football games, DiMeo noticed plenty of football shaped cooking pans, football shaped soft drink bottles, serving dishes and even football shaped donuts but he didn’t see football shaped b-b-q grills anywhere.  An online search revealed that some generic grills were available but none had school logos – and thus was born Hot Sports Grills.

Tailgating has spread from college football to pro football and to baseball, soccer, basketball, hockey, auto racing and even non-sports events such as weddings

Depending which historical version you believe, tailgating originated:

  • At the very first college football game between Rutgers and Princeton in 1869.  At the time spectators traveled to the game in horse-drawn carriages and spent time prior to kickoff grilling sausages and burgers at the “tail end” of the horse.
  • At Yale University in 1904 when private railcars transported throngs of fans to a Yale football game.  Fans arrived starving and someone had the idea to bring food along next time and enjoy it before the game.
  • Green Bay, Wisconsin, 1919, when the Green Bay Packers were formed.  Wisconsin farmers would back up their pick up trucks to the edge of the open football field, open their tailgates to sit and graze from a picnic basket of food while watching the game.

Today tailgating is the ultimate social/sports activity.  Everyone wants to bring something “special” to the party and that’s why Hot Sports Grills is the place to shop for your next tailgate party.  Please let us know if you have ideas of products you’d like to see added to our product line.  And please tell us your favorite school so we can order grills with your school logo.  Enjoy and thanks for shopping at Hot Sports Grills.